Purebred Alaska has an average height from about 60cm, weighs 30-50kg (of which the giant Alaska line can be as high as 1m, weighs 80kg). Usually, purebred Alaska individuals have very large, firm legs to accommodate the ancient sled work. They have an extremely well-proportioned height, skeleton, and muscular proportions that give the solid, bulky, common sense of the Arctic wolf.


The coat of the Alaskan breed varies in color, but is typically colored: gray white, black white, reddish brown and pink. In addition, there are some individuals with rare colors: silvery white, snow white or Agouti (the color of hair is very alternating between black, gray or reddish-brown). However, there are two areas on the body where the color cannot be changed, the muzzle and the right four legs are white.

The coat characteristics of Alaskan dogs are thick, coarse but soft and glossy, divided into 2 layers. The outer layer is long and rough, not waterproof. The inner layer is thicker, softer and smoother, with a fleece-like structure that helps keep the body’s temperature.

Head and face

Alaska face bulging and “broken” at the point of intersection with the nose, bushy hair and shaggy. The ears in Alaska are moderately large, well proportioned to the fluffy face and ears.


Alaskan dog eyes have oblique position on the skull, almond shaped, medium size. Purebred dogs are only recognized as having brown or dark brown eyes. All other Alaskan eye dogs, most commonly blue, are thought to be mixed dogs.


The loose, Alaska-shaped Alaskan tail is curved backwards, with thick, shaggy fur that adds warmth to harsh Arctic environments.

Movable style

While on the move, the Alaskan dog is always upright, with its head held high, its eyes wide open and always observing because they are very curious, agile, always observing and understanding all phenomena around them. These are also the appearance characteristics that help distinguish Alaska dog and other dogs of the same type as Husky or Samoyed.

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