Currently the number of people who want to go abroad to work is increasing. Because during the 3 years of working abroad, they can accumulate some capital for themselves after returning to start a business. Because labor export to make money, people want to know which country has a high salary.

In this article, Dai Nam will analyze and compare the average salary of workers in some popular markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Middle East, Australia … Besides I also assess the factors affecting the income of employees working in these markets.

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Compare the average salary in some Asian labor markets

1. Salary in the Japanese market

According to the Japanese labor law, the minimum wage paid to employees by region will range from 120,000 to 150,000 Yen / month.

If calculated at the latest exchange rate in April 2020, the average salary when going to Japan for labor export falls into the range of  25,000,000 – 30,000,000 / month .

However, monthly employees will have to pay additional compulsory expenses such as insurance, taxes, and boarding fees, so the real wage will be multiplied by 80,000 – 110,000 yen / month.

Calculating the average income can save about 15 million – 20 million / month. 

After returning home, you will also receive a “pension” depending on the period of your insurance and income in Japan. In our experience, if you work in Japan for 3 years with an average income of 12-13 man, you will receive nenkin money of about 30-35 man equivalent to 60-70 million VND.

But in fact, there are many export workers in the form of engineers with high income from 40 – 70 million / month depending on the industry. For example: Information technology, Construction, mechanical engineering, automation …

2. Income level in Korea

At present, this labor market is still restricting Vietnamese labor due to the fact that Vietnamese people come to Korea to work too much and only  2 are eligible to participate , the income information we mentioned. This is for your reference.

Normally, the income of a Korean labor export worker ranges from  1,200,000 won – 1,600,000 won / month  equivalent to an income of 23-30 million VND / month. Subtracting all expenses for accommodation, travel and living activities, workers will save 15 – 20 million VND to send to their families.

Note: In addition to the Foreign Labor Administration, there are currently no organizations or individuals licensed to recruit Korean labor export.You should be careful to avoid fraud. This is the official website of the Department of Overseas Labor Administration

3. The average salary in Taiwan

The average income of workers working in Taiwan is now about NT $  20,000 / month  (equivalent to about VND 14 million / month). For those who signed the contract to get an hourly wage, about NT $ 120 / working hour (equivalent to about VND 85,000 / hour).

Similar to Japan, monthly laborers working in Taiwan will have to pay labor insurance and health insurance averages about 400,000 VND / month. 

After deducting the living expenses, if you know how to save and work hard, the average income is about 10 million / month.

4. Salary in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia with an average income per capita in 2014 of over 56,707 USD / person, 22 times higher than our Vietnam.

Regulations on recruitment and employment in Singapore are also very strict and require very high qualifications so most unskilled workers will not have the opportunity to access this market. The basic requirement is that workers must graduate from Intermediate or higher, communicate in English or Chinese. 

If you get a job here, your income will depend on your ability but at  1,200 SGD – 2,500 SGD / month  , equivalent to 20-40 million VND. A desirable income for many Vietnamese workers.

5. Salary in Australia

The average income of workers in Australia is quite high, about  41,000 AUD (Aussie dollar) / year , after paying taxes for meals, accommodation, and expenses … on average, each month the employee can save about 1,000 AUD equivalent to 17-20 million VND

The criteria for recruiting workers to come to Australia to work are also very strict in addition to their qualifications, their ability to work, the English proficiency is a requirement that IELTS, listening, speaking, reading and writing IELTS scores must be 4.5 points. 

6. Salary in Middle Eastern countries

In general, the Middle East market has many job advantages, the income is only average, the basic salary of shipbuilding mechanical workers is about  500 USD / person / month . The basic salary of construction workers is from 200 to 250 USD / person / month .

One of the biggest obstacles to working in this area is the hot climate that lasts for 4 consecutive months at temperatures up to 47 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and cultural differences and geography. remote, regional political instability … are the reasons you should consider deciding to enter this labor market.

The table compares the salary of labor export in the largest markets

Criteria Japan South Korea Taiwan Singapore
Basic salary 120,000 to 160,000 Yen / month

(equivalent to  VND 25- 33 million / month )

1,300,000 won – 1,600,000 won / month

(equivalent to  23 – 30 million VND / month )

About NT $ 20,000 / month

(equivalent to  VND 14 million / month )

 1,200 SGD – 2,500 SGD / month

(equivalent to  20-40 million VND / month )

Salary for overtime 130% of basic salary 150% of basic salary – First shift overtime: NT $ 117 / hour
– 3rd overtime shift: NT $ 146 / hour
130% of copies
Real money amount    Each month, the average working in Japan to be 18,000,000 to 24,500,000 VND (not including overtime) Each month, the average working in Korea to make 15,000,000 to 20,00,000 VND (not including overtime) Each month, the average working in Korea to make 10,000,000 VND (not including overtime) Each month, the average work in Singapore to be 30,000,000 (not including overtime)

Above is the current basic salary in the popular labor markets with the most Vietnamese employees working.

However, the salary may vary depending on the industry, the number of overtime hours, the number of years of work experience …

According to the update of Dai Nam Investment Transport Company, the cung ung lao dong unit , the number of laborers exporting to Japanese mayors is increasing. Because the Japanese government has expanded the recruitment mechanism. Besides, the basic salary in Japan is also much higher than other countries.

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