The latest Dong Tam brick quotation is May 9 2020Bảng báo giá gạch Đồng Tâm are updated the fastest today at Manh Cuong Phat Company. Our motto is to say no to fake and shoddy goods.

The latest quotation for sand leveling May 9 2020

The latest Dong Tam brick quotation is May 9 2020, Bảng báo giá gạch Đồng Tâm mới nhất 09 tháng 05 năm 2020

The latest Dong Tam brick quotation is May 9 2020

  • Bang bao gia gach Dong Tam needed for the project. You can then proceed by: using a measure of the floor area and walls of the building to be built.
  • If you calculate the number of paving bricks then you take (the measurement length x width) will give the surface area of ​​the paved
  • But to calculate the exact number of bricks, you must pay attention to the size of the bricks.

Characteristics of the common types of paving bricks 

+ Brick worm

  • This type of brick is also known as zigzag brick, with the design bends so the tile when laid down on the ground will reach a solid bond. 
  • High rigidity, hard to break and easy to assemble. Currently, worm bricks are often used for paving the garden, car yard, private yard, sidewalk, etc.

+ Terrazzo bricks

  • Raw materials to produce this type of brick are stone powder, cement, sand, mi stone, fillers. 
  • Together with the automatic and semi-automatic vibration molding technology, terrazzo tiles are of high quality. For public works, this type of brick is very suitable
  • Advantages of terrazzo tiles are very beautiful surface pattern, diverse colors, good strength, clean, easy to clean, not hydrated, easy to implement but the price is cheap.

+ Traditional brick

  • This type of brick is manufactured with high technology, good quality suitable for paving the sidewalk. 
  • In particular, traditional brick with quite diverse colors including: red, light red, cream, gray, light gray, … will bring rich beauty to your project.

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